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I'm in Mexico!!!

storm 30 °C



I made it. It was a long arse flight though and we were three hours delayed at JFK so was very late arriving here. Thankfully my transfer waited for me. An hour later in the cab and they dropped me at my hotel. Or what I assumed was my hotel. I went to check in and guy didn't have my details. I checked the address and low and behold I'm in the wrong place and the taxi has gone and its one in the morning and I don't speak Spanish! The guy was baffled but great, gave me directions to where I should be and off I poottled through the dark streets in 30 degrees with my back pack! Grrrr. I was so relieved when I found the hotel. Went to reception. Locked. Tried the gates. Locked. Banged on the door for twenty minutes. Nothing. Shit!

Right, there was only one thing for it. I followed the sound of music and plonked myself down in the corner of a rather sweaty club and ordered the strongest drink on the menu!!! Looking somewhat out of place with my enormous back pack and bedraggled appearance one of the staff obviously felt sorry for me and asked if I was ok. Broken English and a pathetic attempt at Spanish followed and they called the hotel but to no avail. All I could think was to find out where the hotel I was booked into before the last minute changes was and try my luck. (I should probably mention at this point that my first nights hotel was all booked and sorted but changed last minute on Thursday) Thankfully they had a room and I have never been so glad for air con and a bed!!!!

Four hours later at six in the morning I was woken to some epic building works. ( I later found out the hotel was having some flooding issues hence the last minute change on Thursday!) I eventually gave into the noise got up and showered and went to find breakfast. I then nipped across the road to buy some water (which the hotel had none of on my arrival, man was I thirsty) when I heard some one calling Rebecca. Weird not an overly common Mexican name. The owner of the voice introduced herself as the rep from the agent i had booked with, at which point, much to the surprise of her, me and the poor shop keeper who I was trying to pay I burst into tears. Not my smoothest greeting!

Anyway things all got sorted. So now I am checked into where I am supposed to be and have taken myself off to the beach for some sun, sand and sea and a well deserved mojito and the added bonus of free wifi! The beach is a postcard that I doubt my photo does justice to. White sand, warm blue sea and a wealth of bars and cafes, with beach front air beds!!! Perfect. Plus a twenty minute tropical storm where I had ring side seats to the fork lighting breaking over the horizon.

The people are really friendly and movemeber must be a year long event as there is facial hair the likes of which i have never seen before. It's decorated and intricate and some cases rainbow coloured!

So here I am staying to chill for the day before heading back for a swim and shower. Tomorrow I am heading to Tulum to, hopefully, swim with turtles. Oh it's going to be a hard few weeks!

Muchos loveos

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Gran is shocked, horrified and speechless.....aren't you glad! xx

by Grannie

But I've always wanted to swim with turtles!!! Xxx

by sp8j

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